Sunset Beach Trudgers

Horse Thief Canyon

April 7-9, 2017

Hello Trudgers! Its time once again to journey out to the desert for our annual trip to Horse Thief Canyon. This campsite has none of your creature comforts, such as outhouses, picnic tables, BBQs or piped in water. Subsequently, we always have the whole place to ourselves! Theres a wonderful stream for filtering water and the clear nights usually provide an awesome star-show. What more do ya need? This is about a three-mile hike and the trail is sun exposed, so bring your sombrero.

To get there, take the 60 or 10 freeways east, towards Indio, all the way to Monterey Ave. Go south about 8.2 miles. At that point you go straight past hwy 111 and you'll now on hwy 74 - go about 15.5 miles. (the map shows arrows going down Bob Hope Dr. - it's a different route) You will see a fire station on your right the next street you come to on your left is Pinyon Flats Rd. In about a third of a mile you will come to a parking lot on the left. At the end of that lot there's a dirt road to the right that goes down to a small clearing. We park there because we're to lazy to walk up to the paved lot on Sunday. The trailhead is accross the fire road about 60 feet up. You will see a wilderness sign but not right away. Stay to the right, past the old Dolomite mine and keep going til you get there. SEE YA!!!

You will need an adventure pass to park anywhere in the California wilderness area.

Available at most sporting goods stores.




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